Sandwich Ambassador petition approved, will appear on the spring elections ballot

Posted by: Jake Davidson 2 years, 11 months ago

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The Sandbassador is one step closer to becoming a reality. In an email to The Lion and the Columbia Elections Board, University Senator Marc Heinrich confirmed that a petition to create an official Columbia College Sandwich Ambassador has recieved the requisite number of valid signatures.

The resolution will be placed on the spring elections ballot, and requires a simple majority to pass.

While this might seem like an April Fools joke, we assure you it isn't. Our quest to make food more affordable for Columbia students is no laughing matter, and we could not be more proud, or more grateful to those of you who supported us, for this most recent success.

However, the war isn't over yet. Now it's time to tell your friends to #VOTESANDWICH, and considering the paltry turnout these elections tend to get, we really need you to get out the vote. Send your friends emails, Facebook messages, Tweets, Owls, and any other method of communication you can thing of.

Together, we can finally get this sandwich nation some representation and end the $10 sandwich (and also get HamDel to get better bread, hopefully).

We'd also like to thank the Elections Board, and especially Jeremy Meyers for working with us and putting up with our limited understanding of the initiative process.

In case you've forgotten just how neccessary a Sandwich Ambassador is, here's a New York Post article on our cause, a link to the full resolution, and the video that started it all:


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    the lion-- a trolling organization with a news problem

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